Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A list of things that are wrong with my life

1. The day only has 24 hours
2. Not enough hot guys
3. Apartment does not clean itself
4. Limited quantities of chocolate
5. Needs more shoes
6. Students
6a. Specifically, slow-moving students blocking my path to the cafe
7. No one has let me fly a submarine/helicopter/really fast car yet
8. Kitty is adorable, but sheds like crazy
9. Men
10. I've only attained as much knowledge as I've labored to learn
11. This chair is uncomfortable
12. My boss made too many edits in my document and I am required to THINK in order to address them
13. I find it acceptable to compose a list of things that are wrong with my life rather than work on the edits to my document
14. Cats can't drive so Rosie never goes grocery shopping.
15. Too much rain


Feel free to respond with a few of your own!