Monday, May 9, 2011

Let's try something new

So since I pointed out to myself this weekend that this blog probably has a somewhat limited audience, I thought I might start posting and expanding upon some of my more (at least in my opinion) amusing gchat statuses. (Read: rants) So.

Dear people in charge of designing adapter plugs, Simplify, simplify. JUST KEEP EVERYTHING THE SAME. We'd rather use a giant outdated cord that works for everything rather then 23,000 cords, progressively becoming smaller in size, for each individual device. Sincerely, The population of the entire civilized world.

I am currently searching for the cord for my boss' hiking GPS to sync with the computer, so I don't have to manually type in EVERY SINGLE WAYPOINT (that's N and W coordinates) for all 76 samples. BLUUHHHH. But unfortunately I think I mistakenly brought THAT cord home, because in addition to the ever- smaller, individualized cord phenomenon, we in the technologically "advanced" world also suffer from the fact that each individualized cord looks extremely similar to the naked eye, especially the highly inaccurate grad student eye, suffering damage from endless hours of computer and tiny scientific paper print abuse. So I'm pretty sure the cord I brought home last week, thinking it was my cell phone cord, was actually the GPS cord.


I'm not the only one who's annoyed...!  ...but yeah I guess there's really no solution :p

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