Friday, December 20, 2013

Answers for guys

Men and women have long been known to think differently. Sometimes this can cause difficulties in communication between the sexes! Anecdotal evidence tell us that many couples run into the same problems, over and over again.
The following is a guide to answers for guys.

Woman: Does this outfit make me look fat?
Correct answer, in all situations: No.

Woman: What did you think of Jenny at the party last night?

Wrong: She seemed to be a lovely person
Wrong: She was ok
Wrong: She was a dog

Correct answer: Which one was Jenny?

Woman: Do you have plans this weekend?

Correct answer: I was hoping to spend it with you, since that is the best possible use of my time.

Also acceptable: I was going to wash the floors for you, since I know you've been too busy to get around to it.

Woman: What was your first kiss like?

Correct answer, if not with the woman present: Disappointing.
Correct answer, if with the woman present: The most magnificent moment in my life.

Woman: Mindy just got married.

Wrong: We don't need a label to show that we love each other.
Wrong: Weddings are a beautiful tradition of two people sharing their lives and love with others.

Correct answer: Look, I bought you this shiny ring!
(This answer is correct regardless of how long you've been seeing each other. Fork over the jewelry and work it out later.)

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