Friday, June 6, 2014

Please get with it

me: omg. computers.
LW: I KNOW. It's like, you're the future, you should know better

Things we have determined that need to get with it
1. Computers
2. Cars
3. Boys/kitties (especially boy kitties)
4. People who think we want to come to their wedding el solo
5. Whoever should be making me breakfast, and isn't
6. Whoever is in charge of making a magical wine dispenser (shoutout to cousin) 7. bugs, specifically ones that are attracted to eyes, and fruit flies, but I guess really all bugs in general, because they would be perfectly happy in Antarctica but refuse to move there
8. My neighbor, who leaves stale bread on my porch and accused me of watching him with a camera in my window (hmm...paranoid, anyone?) and then informed my housemate that I'M crazy
9. Anyone who asks me how I'm doing from now until when my thesis is done and expects an actual answer
10. Men on Love it or List it; for some reason they're all legitimately jerks and totally ignore their wife/partner's concerns ("That's not a big deal."

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