Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The reason why children have their own rooms

Children have their own rooms separate from their parents. If you've ever thought about this, you might have assumed this is because they need their own space when they are big enough or old ebough. Or maybe because it's one of the first steps in learning independence from mom and dad, or even because moms and dads want time to make more little children!
The truth is, adults and their offspring have separate rooms if at all possible because they drive each other crazy. Going to sleep at night in your own private space is a cease fire agreement. All disagreements and differences of opinion will have to wait until tomorrow. Temper tantrums and snoring are removed from the immediate area, preventing further agitation and fixation on stormy exchanges.
Physical space is a luxury, and one I cherish. The opportunity to create an environment of my own choosing is precious. I'm aware that I pay hundreds more I'm rent than I would with a roommate but for this indulgence, I pay it. I love having silence. I love dim lighting and cushy places to recline and snuggle. I love warm blankets and having well worn books all around. Happiness comes from within, but creating a physical space which reflects that calms my mind so that it can drift back to the pleasant peaceful places it seeks.

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