Monday, March 30, 2015

Excellent reasons to have your boyfriend move in

His messiness conceals your messiness (at least during the initial "things are still in boxes" phase)

Extra snuggles

Someone to swing by the store after you get home and realize you've forgotten to buy the sweet potatoes for your bean and sweet potato burritos+ (d'oh!)

Shoulder to cry on

Someone else to yell at the cat when she's chewing on electrical wires for attention at 6am

Constant access to oversized sweats, boxers, and t shirts (my boyfriend is closer to my size and body shape than any of my college roommates were... Damn short people!)

Partner for spontaneous dance parties

And, for the scientists in the crowd.... An excellent, reliable guinea pig for at-home experiments (with an option for blind studies possible!). Case in point: there are a lot of "natural" remedies that use Apple cider vinegar to remove moles (what's natural about applying a smelly, stingingly acidic brown liquid to your body?) which I have begun to evaluate using my lovely, live-in boyfriend. (And so far, it's looking like it's going to work! The mole got all swollen and now is shriveling up....although the skin around is is red an irritated so hopefully that will resolve itself.)

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