Saturday, November 19, 2011

A photo adventure, narrated by Rosie

  Hmm, what's that you say?

...there's a giant spider??! In the window?!

...named Bernice?!

Well yes I can see that she IS quite large... some entomology PhD students might even claim that she's "the biggest web-dwelling spider [they've] seen in the Northeast!"

But WHY does she have to be right outside the window?!

She should be living somewhere else, somewhere green...

...somewhere wild,

with beautiful views....

I mean, um, natural views...
with trees and rolling hills.

Oh, I feel just sick about this.

But I'm sure that if we look to technology, we will find an answer,

in conjunction with the powers of science

...and literature!

But then again science seems kinda dangerous...

...not to mention slimy.

Plus I get kind of bored when things like reading take too long.

Ah well.

Anyways, I'm not even sure what I was talking about in the beginning.
I guess I'll just go to sleep.

Sweet dreams.

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