Monday, November 7, 2011

Yo, Catholics!

My positive response to:

This article really spoke to me and articulated the challenges I have struggled with while being single. As a Eucharistic minister in college, I went to a meeting where we discussed how the laypeople in the church are called to drive the church to meet the needs of it’s people, and in many places it is clear that the needs of single people are not being met in their parishes. The other comments here touch on a number of important and related subjects, and I have written about some in my own blog, but I would also like to address the notion that singlehood is a “state” in life because it is involuntary. I do not feel called to be single, but I have chosen to be single because I want my relationships to follow the values of Christ. I have actively chosen not to be in relationships that were damaging or emotionally, physically driven, and/or where my partner did not respect me. I think that it is important that the church step up and acknowledge that we have a responsibility to God in respecting ourselves as children of Christ in remaining healthy so that we can help and nurture others to the best of our ability. The church rarely says so, but entering into a relationship- especially one which may result in the sacramental bond of marriage- requires discernment just as entering into the priesthood or another serious life commitment does.

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