Sunday, June 24, 2012

How to stay cool

10. Froyo!!!

9. Making robot voices by talking into a fan

8. Catch a movie (you may actually need to bring a sweater for this one)

7. Cuddle with a dampened towel that's been frozen

6. Make an excuse to look for samples in the walk-in freezer

5. Fill a tub with two inches of cold water and dip your feet in (woo! No matter how hot you are, I bet you have a hard time submerging them)

4. Put some ethanol-based hand sanitizer on the back of your neck. The ethanol will evaporate, using energy and cooling your skin.

3. Sit on the cool concrete floor of a basement

2. Eat a frozen banana in pieces (preferably flash frozen with liquid nitrogen)

1. Say hello to an ex (the cold shoulder should provide significant relief from the heat)

Rock on

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