Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My unofficial jobs


A glimpse into the glamorous life of a grad student

Office manager
Book lice bleacher
Snack drawer stocker
Desk duster
Freezer defroster/de-icer
Translator (languages: PI, undergrad, cat, irony)
Baked goods provider
Copy maker
Room reservationist
Meeting scheduler
Mold and mildew battler
Old Wise One
Coordinator of lab chores
Safety officer
Sample curator (samples 1992-2011)
Lab decorator
Cockroach trapper
Decorative plant waterer
Dead plant disposal
Over the counter pharmacist
Keeper of the keys (for the paper towel dispensers)
Course choice adviser
Red tape navigator
Professional whiner
Email draft proofreader
AV technician
Fry stealer
Book lender
Big picture reminder
PI whisperer
Ice cream break coordinator
Data detangler
Fashion violation officer

In addition, I'm the only one who calls in malfunctioning light bulbs, changes the PCR machine signup calendar, turns off the autoclave alarm, and puts signs on the dishwasher when the undergrads continue to run it when it's flooding.

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