Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Foul play

the cat is trying o eat my oatmeal and i am too sick to fend her off.

Do you want to know something that is unfair? ...the sunspot cycle. The sunspot cycle is unfair because it largely impacts our lives on earth without discretion for justice and we have no control over it. 

Do you want to know something else that is unfair? Going to visit your romantic interest and watching a movie completely platonicly to the point of not even holding hands bc he is sick and doesn't want you to get sick (aw). And then getting sick anyways. And not knowing you're sick yet and getting the flu shot for the FIRST TIME EVER and ending up coming down with:

Infectious Through Totally Platonic Interactions Virus (ITTPI)  +   Flu Shot Symptoms, including shooting stomach pains

This, my friends, is not fair.

1 comment:

  1. Eventually you just have to bite the bullet and realize that you're gonna get sick no matter how far on the other side of the couch you sit, so just snuggle close and catch the bug!