Thursday, October 17, 2013

Melissa's Coat Coverup

Or: why Hollywood still doesn't get it

Everyone is up in arms about Melissa McCarthy wearing a trenchcoat on the cover of Elle magazine. The media is up in arms because the other actresses on the cover are usually half naked. They're upset because they've assumed Melissa is being treated differently because she's ovweweight.

I've been a fan of McCarthy since way before she became adored by the media for her hilarity in Bridesmaids- back in her Gilmore Girls days I knew she was brilliant. She was a supporting actor that supported by having her own personality and story rather than just appearing at Lorelei s side for the sake of the main plot. This is a woman not afraid to swear, dress like a tomboy, wrestle hysterical costars onto a couch for a scene, and continue starring in her regular sitcom even when she was the biggest thing in Hollywood after her first movie.

This is not a woman who was forced into wearing a trenchcoat.

This is a woman who, given a choice, wore a trenchcoat (admittedly, the other options might not have been fantastic, but still). I have complete faith in Melissa that she would have refused to do the shoot or be on the cover if she didn't like it.

But maybe it's even bigger than all that. Maybe McCarthy is even MORE bold than we're giving her credit for. The media are all commenting on what she's wearing, and completely ignoring the big picture; she looks hot. She looks fantastic! She looks glamorous and young, confident and flawless. What I see here is a smart, successful woman saying, "Here I am. THIS is what a successfull actress can be." This cover isn't hiding Melissa's flaws. Its redefining what sexy and desirable can be. She's a woman who is denying that she has to show everything to be sexy. She's proving that you don't have to compromise your principles or concede to public expectations to be a woman who succeeds.

You rocked it, Melissa. Keep kicking ass.

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