Thursday, October 10, 2013

Purchase More Shoes

I walked into the sun room just now and noticed that one of my hats, which had been on a Command instant hook thingy, had fallen down. Then I looked up, and there was a HOUSE CENTIPEDE in the corner where the ceiling met the wall, right above where my hat's hook had been. HE KNOCKED DOWN MY HAT. So do you know what I did to that little fucker? I vacuumed him up and FLUSHED him. He deserved it, the little asshole.

This has been your warning message; I have PMS.

EDIT: Also, I'm still kind of angry that some first year astronomy student had the nerve to argue with me over what a house centipede is. THEY'RE NOT SILVERFISH. If you google image search "silverfish", then yeah, some pictures of house centipedes pop up, because any jerkface can post shit on the internet. To be fair, it seems that in some areas, the common name for house centipedes is "silverfish" (who knows why, since they're not silver and DON'T LOOK LIKE FISH). But somehow this girl had come to the conclusion that house centipedes are actually silverfish pupae...which they're not.... and continued to argue with me about it, fully aware that I am get my PhD in biology, which doesn't make me an expert in entomology but definitely qualifies me to identify insects that I have in my home. I don't HOPE that house centipedes crawl into her hair while she's sleeping, but I certainly wouldn't be upset if they did.

Ok I would be upset, but only because I would worry it might happen to me.

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