Thursday, January 22, 2015

The ability to ignore

This is a photo of the Biohazard sign outside our lab. The tape around it peels off the wall periodically and needs to be replaced, lest the sign fall down and not be able to warn visitors that there are "microorganisms" in our Microbiology lab.

A few weeks ago, the part that had curled away from the wall captured an impressive clump of hair and dust. I don't know if this particular tumbleweed was caught roaming down the hallway or if the tape attacked some unfortunate soul leaving the lab (Rule #1:Never leave the lab) but it was undeniably disgusting.

I eyed this ball of grossness each time I entered and exited the lab for several weeks. I was half hoping that the cleaning people would dispose of it, but no dice. The distasteful flotsam continued to greet me each morning. After a while, I began to hope that my boss might get rid of it, thinking that it was a poor reflection on our lab cleanliness. Again, no such hope. The wretched debris continued to hang there, mocking me.

It reminded me of hair stuck in the drain or on a pool deck, two of my least favorite things. I've always hated how peeling tape collects dirt and dust, and hate not knowing what else that particular length of stickiness might have collected over the ages. Seeing this monstrosity each day was a horror, and the longer it hung there the more it began to initiate my gag reflex.

Finally, today, after becoming annoyed with things in general due to a serious lack of protocol and organization by my lab mates ( to be excused (?) since they're only graduate students) I strode towards the door with a pair of scissors. "I'm going to take care of that disgusting ball of hair stuck to the sign on our door," I declared to my boss. I was expecting a thank you, a confirmation, or at least an "I was going to get to it later." However, what I didn't expect was, "What hairball?"

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the difference between a man and a woman.

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