Wednesday, July 6, 2011


So from now until the accursed date of July 21st this blog will be the outlet for my anxieties, musings and general desperation leading up to my qualifier. In the case that I don't pass then the authorities will have ample  evidence that my death was indeed a suicide and not any case of foul play carried out by some failed online first date participant.

An email sent to my mother, sister, and best friend:

To those held most dear in my heart,
It's extremely sad but I have to inform you that I have lost all hope and welcome insanity as paranoid detachment from this world will be blissful indulgence. Seeing as my qualifier is on the 21st and I am spending the entirety of next week at a conference, you should be expecting daily emails of this sort, becoming increasingly frantic and less coherent, until that date which shall not be repeated.

Thank you for your attention.


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  1. My mother's response:

    my child, can you not stay out of trouble for one week? first it was the retreat, then the wedding. Now this. You are constantly bugging me for prayers. Whose idea was this PhD stuff in the first place? Just because u read a book "Germs make me sick" when you were a child? You are so easily deluded. You could have worked at your summer job all your life and had a career in retail.

    love MOMMY

    PS. Hope I made you laugh.

    Germs Make me Sick: