Sunday, October 16, 2011

These aren't the boys you're looking for

First off, kudos if you got the SW ref. Second, this is a majorly sarcastic post to balance out the usually measured and mature entry I wrote last night.

I'm very happy to announce that in the past month I have only received attention from men in whom I do not have even the most mild interest in. Attractive young males with jobs are currently scarce on Match. The unemployed? They're contacting me in hordes! (I don't mind going dutch, but at some point they're going to run out of gas money.) Men over 40? (Mind you- more than a DECADE my seniors...) Yup, we got those! Men so out of shape their doctors are already contemplating what medicine they'll prescribe when the heart disease hits? Not only are they plentiful, but eager to meet me.

Let's put aside my own selfishness in wanting a sexy, healthy, gainfully employed young man. How could I have anything in common with these others? I found it hard enough dating men who disliked their jobs, never mind ones who don't have one- the bulk of my time and energy go into my work and people who don't have a job or like theirs often don't understand this (which is fine, but doesn't make them very understanding when I have to cancel plans because an experiment ran later than expected). I won't go on and on about the other differences, but I just needed to vent my frustration out so I don't end up punching the TV the next time I see a woman blubbering about how she found her soul mate on Match. I wish everyone would stop pretending that dating websites are magic. Essentially, all they do is expand the pool of people that you're meeting. You're still going to have the same requirements for your match, and they ones you're interested in are still going to be the same overall percentage of the pool. It's quite discouraging finding out just how few people like you are out there. :p

The stupid social worker I've been seeing for therapy keeps harping on how I need a hobby (as if running and volunteering at my church aren't enough??? geeze) The only two I would even consider at this point are roller derby and Squatch hunting.

I'll add them to my Match profile.

9pm update:I feel that including this polite statement in my profile (Please don't contact me if you're not looking for a serious relationship or if you're way out of my desired age range-23-29. Thanks!) gives me the right to respond to winks from 45 year olds with messages such as: "Are you kidding me?! I'm TWENTY years younger than you!!Gimme a break!" and then block them. siiiigh

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