Monday, January 2, 2012

I make room for new ideas

My mom bought me a subscription for Daily Word, a collection of unique writings for every day of the month. It's a faith-based publication, very loosely Christian, and I think that most people would find the readings peaceful and motivating.

The topic for yesterday (which I read this morning) is the header of this post. I won't replicate the entire thing here, but one part that particularly spoke to me was this:
I dedicate this day to new ideas, new viewpoints and renewed living. I leave behind outgrown thoughts of past limitations and lack. I let go of old grudges and outdated viewpoints. Fresh ideas refresh my mind. I make room for new, vital, healthy and prosperous ideas.
 After my decision to shed unhealthy relationships, these words moved me and comforted me. It will be difficult to hold on and maintain this outlook of avoiding connections that are harmful to me (I'm a sucker for a guy in need... I always want to take care of people, but just because they're hurting doesn't mean they can't still hurt you). The good news is, as I have discussed with my good friend this morning, once you start to form good habits, they become more second nature and less forced. In time, it will be the easy decision to keep my heart safe, and not the challenging one.

Oh, and I'm sorry all the entries have been serious... I promise a bonus post-holiday Dumb Things The Guys Say by the end of tomorrow!!

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