Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Yesterday, my friends, February 14th, was Valentine's Day. I had the best one I've had in years.

I won't deny that this is unrelated to the fact that there was very little male-related interactions during my day, but I think it was more than that.  It's about expectations.  Even when I experienced Valentine's Days while in a happy relationship, there was always some kind of stress.  Much of this was related to the pressure of expectations.  I hoped that each romantic interaction would match and surpass those in the past.  This puts a lot of pressure on the relationship (and, admittedly, the guy).  And that's not even mentioning the absurdly bad Valentine's Days I've had- including the one where my boyfriend didn't get me so much as a card, but created a petition that one of his high school friends start a unicorn farm or something and got SIXTY people to sign it.  (I don't know where I find these guys.)

Anyway, getting back to my main point, this year I had very few expectations.  I made plans to have dinner with a friend and have a low-key night.  I was able to get a lot of work done because I wasn't distracted by the anticipation of an eventful evening.  This put me in a pretty good mood for dinner.  Plus, the restaurant wasn't one where couples were going to celebrate by any means, so at dinner the service was fast and the food was great.  I had a good time and was able to relax.  Then after dinner I watched 2 episodes of Battlestar Galactica and did extra knee exercises and stretches, so that I was limber and relaxed when I went to bed.

Hm. Maybe being single ain't so bad.  And while I look forward to being in a relationship at some point, I think that it's an important lesson that keeping expectations low (when appropriate) helps to avoid drama and prevent disappointment.

Also, today I sliced open my finger with a sliver of dried agar.  But I guess that's karma. :D

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