Monday, February 6, 2012

A little advice drawn from life experience

10. Don't believe the innocent kitty face that says, "Of COURSE you can rub my belly!"

9. Don't take your favorite library book for granted. Appreciate it, because some day, someone might steal it.

8. Don't try to be cool.

7. Don't try to be so uncool that you're cool.

6. Don't fill up on bread- unless it's really good bread.

5. Don't ever trust a guy who kisses you before he asks you out.

4. Don't go to a fall concert without checking to see if it's an open-air stadium. (We were totally making fun of the people wearing their Northface jackets in the parking lot.  ...oops.)

3. Never pull a chair out for someone and not push it in. It's funny in Bugs Bunny but not real life.

2. Don't ever ever ever EVER use nasal saline in your contact case because you've run out of contact solution. THEY'RE NOT THE SAME THING!!!

1. Don't expect life to go smoothly, or how you expect it to. And don't judge how it went until you have the full picture. :)

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