Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dear Science

Dear Science,

I'm sorry that I said I hated you earlier today.  I don't hate you at all; in fact I think you're really cool!  It's just that our relationship is pretty complicated, and at times I find you difficult to get along with.  You demand nearly all of my time and energy, leaving little time for anything else.  You're often contrary to how I feel and you never try to change yourself to accommodate my view of things, leaving me to always come to the conclusion that it's not you, but me that is wrong.  Often after we have a difficult struggle I turn to crutches such as alcohol or chocolate to ameliorate my pain.  And not matter how much I achieve, you seem to have more  for me to do than when I began.

And yet, you thrill me.  You surprise me, you drive me, you tease me and keep me coming back for more.  A good day spent with you and nothing else can be more satisfying than anything else.  What I feel for you is nothing like what I've ever felt for anyone else, and I can't imagine being able to replace that.

In short, I know I can't stand to be without you science. So please treat me kindly.

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