Sunday, April 1, 2012

Education of the whole person

My Alma matter, Fairfield University, had a motto that sounded corny while I was there but now often resonates with me; "Education of the whole person."  The following link to an article written by one of my professors there very much illustrates the integrative thinking at Fairfield that has helped to shape my values as an adult, which I am endlessly grateful for.  I want to share a longer reflection on this later, but in short, I think that we must remember two things that can incalculably influence the course of our fates; one, that sometimes two things may seem mutually exclusive on the surface but when examined further the details tend to dovetail or even complement each other, and second, that we have the responsibility as organisms with the gift of conscious thought to contemplate issues for ourselves instead of adopting the mantra of the even-present "popular opinion."

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