Sunday, April 8, 2012

It's never too late for a new beginning

Have you ever felt stuck? Have you come to the conclusion that the odds are hopelessly against you? Have you felt that your efforts to fight back are absorbed, unnoticed, by the cold and unfeeling world?

We have all felt this way.

This is what it is to be human. "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" This quote is one of the most chilling in the New Testament, because it is perhaps the most convincing proof that Jesus is indeed human. His moment of doubt is something we can all relate to at our most vulnerable times. Even the most determined among us has moments when doubt and fear overcome any thoughts of hope. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, things don't turn out for the best- and in some instances, they turn out in the absolute worst way possible. Sometimes we feel like we re at the bottom of a hole and none of our skills or knowledge, friends or family help us make any leeway out of its dark bottom.

However, there is hope in our human tendency to despair. It is the very fact that we are human, and very often wrong. And though being fallible may have been one of the things that brought us to this miserable state in the first place, it may also be that this is our hope. Because though we may see no way out, it does not mean it doesn't exist.

With our backs against the wall, we may realize that we can push through after all. Perhaps there is a passage that we didn't notice we can use to escape. A friendly face may come to the rescue or maybe even an unfriendly one. And if all these possibilities have been exhausted and the foundation is coming down around us, we may find that what we really needed was the beauty of the blue sky.

Never give up, because though you may be imprisoned on an impossible quest, tomorrow the world itself may change in a way such that you will now find your treasure.

In loving memory of Michael Barry

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