Monday, May 28, 2012

Inter-gender communications (or lack thereof)

Excerpts from an actual conversation

Woman: You're welcome to hang out but I understand if you have to go because of your plans in the morning.

Man: What?

Woman: You can stay, but I know you have to drive up to see family early.

Man: ...I don't know if that's an invitation to stay or not.

Woman: It's an invitation to hang out, but giving you an excuse if you really need to leave.

Man: Oh.

This misunderstanding could have been avoided if the woman had been more careful to specify the meaning of her words.

Example 1
"You're welcome to hang out."
Meaning: Your continued presence is to my liking.

Example 2
"I understand if you have to go because you have plans in the morning."
Meaning: I respect that you have a prior engagement and this may effect the time of your departure.

Example 3
"It's an invitation to stay, but I'm giving you an excuse if you need to leave."
Meaning: I'm beginning to think you're an idiot.

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