Monday, May 28, 2012

A new calling in life

I've realized my calling in life.  Ok, well, at least my secondary calling, seeing as science is the first.  Anyway, my great new idea is.....

obedience training for men

Clearly men need this.  And it wouldn't so much be obedience training as training in the things that women find offensive or just annoying.  One such example would be asking a girl who you run into once a month if she will Facebook your buddy the next time she and her girlfriends hang out because he's new in town.  Obedience training would teach that the man who sent said message shouldn't be so blatant about trying to get his friend laid.  It would also teach the man on whose behalf the message was sent that he needs to make less sucky friends if he wants to "network" in his new hood.

Another key lesson in ♂ coaching will be to cultivate the habit of actually listening to what women say and using this information in their decision-making process.  For example, if a female conveys that she is tired and doesn't feel social, then then ObT4M would emphasize that the male should not expect her to go out, and will have to come to terms that if she's cranky at the bar that this is directly related to her assertion earlier that she didn't want to go out.  This learning component would also highlight a man's ability to avoid conflict by tailoring his comments to the comments a significant other has made about her day;  ie if she says she's exhausted because she cleaned up the cat puke after she got home, the course will contrast the different responses that would be elicited by a comment on how messy the counters are vs an offer to make dessert.

The preceding examples are just a sampling of the topics I'm prepared to cover in ObT4M and as such fully expect that this idea will make me a millionaire.

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