Tuesday, October 16, 2012

If I die tonight

If I die tonight, it will probably be because my downstairs neighbor killed me. He's an angry bugger. Have I mentioned that the police had to break up his fight with his girlfriend this weekend, which involved throwing things and screaming, "I DIDN'T YELL AT YOU!!!"? Anyway, I finally got sick of listening to him and his girlfriend argue, fuck, move furniture, slam doors, and have high volume conversations at all hours, so I stomped on the floor to get them to be quiet. At midnight. Guess what? This totally reasonable dude slammed what I assume was his fist into the ceiling as loud as he could right back. Nothin' like bein' neighborly!! I screamed, "GOOD, I'LL CALL TED!!" Ted is our landlord. Have I mentioned that Ted gave me a lecture when I viewed the apartment on how he insists on only renting to responsible tenants, and emphasized that his tenants all have jobs, aren't partiers, and are all 'good people'? Ted doesn't like me much but I bet he'd prefer to lose a discourteous pothead as a tenant than a PhD student with guaranteed income. I almost hope my dumbass downstairs friend does murder me, so that he can go to jail (anonymous blog entires can be used as evidence in court, right?) and have someone else's sex keep HIM up all night. (Sex, self-pleasure, threats, shank whittling- whatever.) I know that's awfully mean but I'm sick and tired of people turning their lives into trash and using that as an excuse to be way more rude to me than I would ever be to them.

On the bright side, I locked myself out tonight and after knocking on three doors with no answer, I found a really friendly couple downstairs with a really cute kid and kitty. They insisted that I stay with them until I got back into my apartment and we chatted and laughed until that time came. Finally, meeting some nice people!

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