Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Word games

As part of a pedagogy class, my coworker designed a writing exercise wherein each student chooses three words from a collection of magazine cutouts. The three words must be used for the title of a story, the beginning of which she had them write in class. I practiced this little activity and the following is the result. :D

Extra Glowing Revolution

Why the fuck do vampires shimmer anyway? Crissy thought for the millionth time after the director yelled, “Cut!” They would have to do the scene again, all because her idiot coworkers couldn’t get the scene right- if the protagonist, Edward, turned too far to the left his face was in shadow and the CGI crew would complain about not being able to make his countenance pale enough. Secretly, Crissy preferred the old-school pointy eared, slick haired dorky vampires to the sexy-pale ones that were all the rage today. But her manager had told her that this role would make her famous, and it had. So who was she to argue?
Although what’s the use of being famous if you’re constantly surrounded by idiots? Crissy wondered. She was dating her costar Doug in real life, also following the advice of her manager/publicist Joan, also her aunt. She couldn't decide which was worse, starring in this crappy role, or having to spend every waking moment with someone who actually believed they were making a valuable artistic contribution with this nonsense. In truth, as little time as possible was spent with Doug, who she could not stand, but after having been caught “cheating” on her “true love” by the paparazzi, Joan had forbade her from dating anyone else- at least until the movie was released. Then Crissy could do whatever she wanted. Well ok, almost anything- the BEST thing she could imagine doing would be to publicly join the ranks of cynical young adult Dusk haters like herself, but Joan would surely murder her for that.
“Places!” the director yelled, and Crissy rolled her eyes as she walked back to the center of the set.

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