Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Night's all right

Ultimate grad student Friday night in:

Leave work ~7pm. Come home, feed cat and load dishwasher. Take nap with kitty, falling asleep to the soothing sounds of your glorious new appliance gently cleaning your week's worth of dirty dishes. During nap, move once or twice as needed due to sounds of neighbors celebrating the end of the work week.

Wake up disoriented. Respond to texts from mother. Comfort kitty, who is hungry because she refused to eat what she was fed because you accidently bought turkey and rice instead of turkey and chicken.

Boil water for pasta; in the meantime, empty dishwasher. Ignore pleas from cat for different food. Make sure to reward yourself for emptying the dishwasher with  a mixed drink, made from whatever you have in the house (in my case, this is usually Godiva brand chocolate vodka, mixed with nutritious powdered coco)(I'm just kidding, it's not really nutritious). Your dinner can be enjoyed in front of the TV (Netflix, because everything on cable on  Friday night is inspired by the Jersey shore) with the cat begging for scraps.

Enjoy the rest of the night relaxing to the sounds of Law and Order, while your brain slowly recovers and reminds you of the various problems with your current project, your singleness, and low cashflow.

But hey, you don't have to hand wash your dishes, so life is good. :)

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