Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Perks of having your own apartment

Not using coasters

Leaving clothes on the floor

Piling mail on the table

Hanging sheets and curtains over doors to keep out drafts

Never having to worry about someone else using the last of the coveted soy milk

Watching 27,000 episodes of Law and Order: SVU in a row

Trying to reason with the cat ("Now please eat slowly, we don't want you to throw up again like last night.")

Only washing dishes on special days (ie, never)

Unabashedly singing along with P!nk when you do finally wash the dishes

Obsessing over your pores in the bathroom mirror

Leaving towels in the dryer until you need them

Never having to confine food to certain shelves

Catcalling Viggo Mortensen when he's on TV

ALWAYS having all the kitty face rubs to yourself

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