Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Some very important people in my life are short, including my best friend and my mom. They are the inspiration (and the contributors) to this new (and hopefully recurring) feature.

Dear Short People magazine,

i really enjoy yore publication and have wanted to have written to you for a while. I have two questions. My first questchon is, if the climate is messed up anyway, why dont we build a large-giant air Consitioner to cool us down. It may not help childen kn Afrjca but reely who cares any way. My secon question is my pee is very yellow today how can this happen.

Sinserely yours Catelyn, Millsbury USA

Dear Caitlin of Millsbury,

Thank you for your letter, glad you enjoy our publication. As you know, heat rises so short people aren't as hot and wouldn't need a giant Air "Condisioner"- clearly you are not a short person as you are too hot. Also this is evidenced by your yellow Pee, which shows you are dehydrated from heat and too much frosting. Hope this helps.

Sincerely, A Short Person

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