Sunday, June 30, 2013

Things I've apparently learned

The early bird doesn't get the worm. The early bird might SAY he got the worm, but no one else is around to confirm that because it's so freakin early. Plus, he never seems to be any less hungry than you, so he probably just scavenges for seeds and only actually gets worms after it rains, like everybody else.

Sometimes you have to ask for something you don't actually want or need to get a salesperson's attention and then throw in a request for your actual desired item at the last minute.

Social workers are not therapists. Don't expect them to act like one.

Everyone but your closest friends will forget your woes very quickly.

Just because someone's parents are in a certain profession doesn't make them good at it (furthermore, their parents might not even be good at it).

If you have to validate an event by putting it on Facebook, you probably need some perspective. (I used the word validate for a reason- sharing is fine, but if no one saw your post, it shouldn't detract from the value of the event itself.) Get over it.

For that matter, if you have to post overtly controversial/offensive opinions on Facebook, you're probably just looking for attention. Again, get over it!!

People who "can't wait" for college are usually the ones who get bored with it the fastest. News flash: you're the same person you were before; if you were boring then you're going to remain boring (ie if your life is boring, it's probably because you're boring).

If you don't take care of yourself first, you won't be able to care for others.

Pets make everything better.

Sometimes symptoms really need medication; other times you need to fight the cause of the problem to treat it. But if you can't find the problem, the next best thing is to just get rid of the symptoms. (Case in point: in high school I had occasional skin irritations, which developed into occasional hives, which escalated into a puffy swollen lip on Valentine's Day of my senior year. We never found out what i was allergic to, but I went on a stronger allergy medication and everything was ok. Furthermore, this allergy miraculously resolved itself in college!.... cough cough anxiety)

The three day rule is completely outdated; a text thirty minutes later is the modern equivalent (saves a lot of time spent wondering, doesn't it?).

Happiness takes work.

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