Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Connecticut Yankee in Deutschland I

The things that can comfort you sometimes are so strange. I've felt utterly out of place since I arrived in Germany, due to language barriers and not being able to pick up on social cues. Every day is like playing one of those stupid games that we played as children that had a million rules and only some of us could figure out. I never had the patience.

Today I forced myself to go out to take a walk instead of sitting in my room for the evening. All of the shops in the plaza near the place I'm staying were closed except for a pizzaria/ice cream shop, Pizzaria Valentino's. I took the name to be too cliche to be authentic- but I was pleasantly surprised. While having trouble ordering mozzarella cheese on my pizza instead of a cheese I couldn't translate from German, I realized that the owner and his wife were discussing in Italian. Ah, va bene! A light shined down on the little pizza shop from the heavens. I took Italian in school and while I'm rusty, at least I understand it better than German. I apologized in Italian, and ordered my large, fungi pizza con mozzarella. It was just what I needed to feel competent.

And the pizza was deliscioso.

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