Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Connecticut Yankee in Deutschland II

Today I:

-Ran all the way to the pond and back
-Made delicious quinoa and almond salad
-Managed to solve a problem with my internet provider without anyone getting yelled at
-Went to the grocery store and managed to pay (in cash), thereby obtaining some of THE most delicious granola I've ever eaten (only rivaled by that of the notorious fish geneticist and granola maker M.Tippy)
-Lowered the seat of my bike and realized it was probably the reason I kept falling off
-Had a lovely conversation with a British postal delivery man who spoke ENGLISH (I almost married him then and there. Not just because of the English. He was also cute.)

Practically the only BAD thing that happened today was opening a jar of mushrooms while making lunch. NOTE TO READERS: DO NOT BUY JARRED MUSHROOMS ABROAD. The container was closed extremely tightly and I had to make several attempts before I got the top off.
When I did, it was similar to one of those sci-fi/horror movie/Fern Gully where space scientists/teenagers/loggers go through a lot of trouble to open a heavily sealed vault only to accidentally liberate some sort of ancient terror. In this case the previously imprisoned fiend was a wholly offensive smell that soon filled the kitchen. It reminded me, viscerally, of disecting frogs in intro bio- without doubt my least favorite lab ever. (When teaching, this is the lab where I spend the highest proportion of time at my desk and the least time with students.) Tragically, I actually lost my appetite, a notable occurrence since normally it's much too large to misplace. However I appeased my ill stomach by munching on chocolate wafers some time later and recovered in time for a mid-afternoon snack.

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