Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ways that Europeans will know you're American

  • You keep falling off your bike because you haven't ridden since you were 10 and then you didn't have to carry your laptop on your back
  • Your water bottles explode every time you open one because you keep forgetting it's fizzy water.
  • You unwittingly buy the meatball from the vending machine, assuming from the picture on the package that it's some kind of biscuit
  • You get really excited when you order a scoop of ice cream and it's only 1
  • You get really disappointed when you see how small one European scoop of ice cream is
  • You walk around with bedhead because your hairdryer doesn't work with the weird converter
  • You talk about "working out"
  • You're weirded out by "mobile prostitute" vans
  • You can't tell the difference between their 7s and their 1s
  • You wait for people to get off the train before you get on
  • You get really confused when people start discussing "football"
  • You get overwhelmed by all of the yogurt options in the store
  • You can't figure out how to get into the pay toilets
  • You have a momentary freakout every time the weather is predicted to be 20 degrees (until you realize it's in Celsius)

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