Saturday, November 24, 2012

Interesting tidbits on landlord responsibilities

My water has been turned off, without warning, for the second time in the span of 8 days. I found the following information, from the Rights and Responsibilities
of Landlords and Tenants in Connecticut, published by the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch Superior Court, pretty interesting.

The landlord must:

  • provide a clean apartment when the tenant moves in;
  • clean common areas (hallways, stairs, yards, entryways);
  • keep hallways and entryways lighted well; and,
  • keep plumbing and heating systems working (both hot and cold running water).
In addition, the following may be required by state and
local housing, health and fire codes:
  • correctly repaired and safe stairways, porches, floors, ceilings and walls;
  • good locks on the doors to the apartment;
  • safe fire exits from the building;
  • two electrical outlets in each room;
  • extermination service if the apartment is infested with pests or rodents; and
  • a smoke detector that is in working order.

If problems arise with utilities supplied by the landlord,
the tenant should:

  • First contact the landlord and then tell the land-lord the problem in writing and follow up with a call.
  • If the utility is not restored, contact the local Health Department or Housing Code Office. They have the power to contact the landlord and inspect the apartment.
  • Contact the local police department.
  • Restore the utility and deduct the cost from the rent.
  • After two (2) business days without a utility, get another place to live until the utility is restored.

As it turns out, my landlord doesn't only suck, but he's also been violating the rules outlined in this document! I know that some of these are subjective, but I don't think that anyone would deny that leaving cleaning materials, including disgusting dirty towels in the tub and bathroom cabinet are part of a clean apartment upon moving in, nor a refrigerator filled with dead fruit flies. I am so seething with anger that I can't even call him. I wish someone could take my bp right now.

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