Thursday, February 28, 2013

Facts of (my) life

Sometimes I do things just to annoy people.

I love life.
...but sometimes it makes me sad to think that I might not experience some aspects of it

I am stubborn

I am usually right.

I wish I would always be brave enough to admit when I'm wrong

Somehow, I've become addicted to Downton Abbey

It breaks my heart when I yell at Rosie and I can tell she's actually feeling remorse.

I trust doctors. an extent.

I've never broken a bone

I'm often indignant, probably more often than I should be.

I feel like I'm always an outsider.

I want to help people, but only if they are open to being helped.

I think its silly to think that every event in your life can be made fair

I have an uncanny memory (perhaps the best I know of) for social interactions.
...and yes, I will call you out on it if you mis-remember what you previously said.

I tend to villainize things I don't like. Consequently, peas and inorganic chemistry are evil.

I talk to my cat. I think it makes her smarter. (If it works for babies, why not for pets??)

There have been very few times in my life when I wanted children.

I get really nervous when playing competitive sports (and yes, beer pong counts).

Feeling a sense of peace is my highest daily goal right now.

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