Thursday, August 29, 2013

Carcharocles megalodon

Meant to transfer this from FB weeks ago...

Megalodon fake documentary: How an extinct monster shark became the next Bigfoot

"The 70-foot shark is not only the stuff of legends, the two-hour special offers, it still lurks and hunts, making its presence known only occasionally. And it still exists.
Perhaps. At the least, nobody can prove otherwise.
On Tuesday the Discovery Channel dived into the brewing controversy of fact versus fiction that has surrounded the "Megalodon" fake documentary since it aired Sunday night as the kick-off to the network's popular Shark Week."
People are apparently all up in arms about this (including my sister, who alerted me to the debate). Something that wasn't completely true was aired on TV! Heaven forbid!! But was this really a fake documentary? The Blair Witch Project is a fake documentary. This special was more like a real documentary on people who study something that doesn't really exist. Like a Bigfoot documentary, only apparently the general populace is clever enough to realize that the Abominable Snowman doesn't exist... some people are dumb enough to believe Sasquatch (Sasquatches?) are running rampant around north america probably influenced by shows such as Finding Bigfoot, but that's their own fault, right? Shouldn't it be the same case with Megalodon? (Heck, the History Channel has a whole series called Ancient Aliens. The History Channel. I mean, wth!!) Megalodon (the show, not the organism... the organism probably wouldn't be much for talking, even if there were still living specimens) even admit they never proved anything.

I think the real issue here is that people are poorly trained in using their own background knowledge to make judgments and just listen to what people on television tell them. This is all the more amplified by the fact that the ocean really is a large, mysterious place, so people are more willing to believe extraordinary things about it. But I'm here to tell you; don't just reply on what TV tells you! Don't just take the word of floating heads with pretty faces and seductive voices! Use common sense, and logic, and maybe even a little of the basic science you learned waaaay back in school.

And if that fails, Wikipedia.

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