Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Isn't it ironic?

...that the parents of toddler pageant contestants are generally poorly dressed and unattractive

...that in college you learn how to answer questions but in grad school you learn how to ask them

...that reality tv stars now have just as much cosmetic surgery as actors

...when everyone complains about gas prices but speed and tailgate on the highway regardless people cry for social change but are still callous towards people they see every day

...that people will ridicule others for mean posts on Yahoo! answers but won't stop two teenagers from ganging up on another in the mall

...that in a world where freedom of religion is rallied for but actual practice of religion is socially ridiculed

...that everyone agrees others would benefit from therapy but no one thinks they should go themselves people are so upset by the thought of the government spying on them but unconcerned about private corporations collecting personal information about them

...that people will drink hundreds of calories worth of alcohol but forego the cake because they're "trying to lose weight"

Eat the damn cake, people.

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