Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My dream office

Have you ever found that you're significantly more productive after you take a short walk outside? ...I certainly am. So I've been thinking, why limit the outdoors to breaks? Perhaps, if we were outside ALL the time, we could ALWAYS be significantly more productive (note to fellow science and math people who know this statement does not make sense: shut up.)

I'm envisioning my office as a desk outside, perhaps on an elevated platform so that the undergrads walking by wouldn't bother me. It would be really awesome to have a glass floor but we're going to have to stick with something opaque so that gross old profs who still think they're 25 won't look up my skirt. And something that won't heat up too much so I won't sweat and have my bangs go weird. Ok wait scratch the whole elevated platform thing, I'll just have my office somewhere away from all kinds of annoying people. Like a desert island.

I could commute with the Concord (I can use my grant for that, right?) and sit in my super ergonomic chair, listen to the tide wash in and back in the shade of my coconut tree. Hmm. But I don't want to have to deal with bugs, and hurricanes might be a problem, and if trash washed up on the beach I doubt the custodial staff would be coming by more than once a week. Huh.

Somewhere away from annoying people, without bugs, where trash isn't an issue and it's quiet and peaceful.... oh I know. Space. My ideal office will be in space. It will have a cat.

I don't need a keyboard for work but....whatever. I'm done being picky.

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