Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Today: Ridiculously old British man hits on younger women, fails

Hello all. I don't normally personally bash people I date, and I don't like to bash online dating in general because I think it gets a bad rap from people who are too scared to take control of their own life and just try it. However today I am bending those rules to tell you the story of a truly obnoxious man.

Now I am 25 and people are always telling me, "Oh you're so YOUNG" when I complain about being single, as if that helps when I go home alone every night. It's not just the fact that I'm single that distresses me, but the fact that there seems to be very few men my age who meet the standards I hold for myself (education, morals, etc). So here I am feeling mildly discouraged that there aren't any GREAT guys that I can find, and so I'm sifting through the good guys, the ok guys, the less-than-average guys... and all of the sudden there is an AWFUL guy.

I've worked hard on my profile to make sure that I convey the attitude of a strong, independent woman, looking for a serious relationship with a guy her age. Now Mr. Awful decides to completely disregard that upfront by contacting me in the first place. He is THIRTY NINE. It specifically states in my profile that I am looking for someone no older than 31. I've dated guys up to this age before and I think that's the line were things begin to blur and commonalities diminish because of the age difference. Ok, you might say, well maybe he just came across your profile and really liked it, and decided to give it a shot even though he normally wouldn't. Nope, no, negatory. HIS profile specifically states that he is looking for females with a maximum age of 35- FOUR years younger than himself. Furthermore, and more disturbingly, he says that he is interested in women alllllll the way down to age 18. I think it's safe to assume that he would have chosen younger ages if that was an option.

And if that didn't make him enough of a pig (and yes that's how I think he comes across- emailing someone who has already stated she's not interested in him in her self description, especially since she is clearly a feminist and he is basically stating that he wants to get the youngest slice of ass he can), he sends an email that only says "Could we meet for coffee or drinks?" I'd mind as well go to a freaking bar. Nothing offered about himself, nothing asked about me, no interest in measuring the compatibility of our personalities. No 'can I get to know you first since I am a perfect stranger'. Nope- just the assumption that I would like to meet him and possibly expose myself to what could turn out to be a rapist, or a serial killer, or at the very least a chauvinist jerk. Yup, because I was born yesterday. ...just the way he apparently likes it.

Plus he wasn't even freaking attractive.

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